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C-Wall Temporary MDF Wall

Temporary Wall UK developed the MDF temporary walling system, C-Wall, in 2009 to solve practical issues for a large exhibition stand needed by Amina Technologies. The stand was 12 metres long x 3 metres wide and Amina wanted the area dividing into individual rooms to show off their various in-wall speakers.
C-Wall is a rigid, MDF wall structure, 80mm thick as standard, with a unique, reinforced locking system activated by a special Allen key. The standard panels are 2.4 metres high x 1 metre wide, although when Salons Direct commissioned the C-Wall system for their exhibition stand a height of 4 metres was achieved by mounting panels on top of each other with the locking system built into horizontal joins.
MDF wall panels can be made to a Class C Fire Rating, where required, and rooms can be created with doors and windows. A unique use of the panels was made by KD Decorative, who supply Christmas grotto's to shopping centres, and they wanted a system that was cost effective, quick to install, could be used again and most importantly have graphics applied that would give the impression that the MDF structure was a winter workshop.
The walling has been used in various exhibitions due to the speed of erection and relative lightness of the individual panels. The system is fully modular meaning panels can be added to create junctions and the new angled corner post enables angles from 0º to 89º.
Panels can be supplied painted or in a raw MDF finish, and can be made thicker than 80mm, such as supplied to Palladian Real Estate Limited, who wanted 100mm thick panels, whether used as room dividers or screens, exhibition stands, display walls or temporary structures C-Wall by Temporary Wall UK is the cost effective, flexible, long lasting solution.

Betfair Escape Room Challenge (featuring Temporary Wall)


The 'C' Wall System is a freestanding temporary wall panel solution which can be manufactured from standard MDF or class 1 fire rated MDF. Ideal for use as exhibition stands, gallery wall systems, room sets and art display walls. The system is simple to erect and breakdown using an allen key.
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The 'K' Wall System is an upgrade to the standard 'C' Wall panel as it allows modular panels to be hooked on from the front. This can include slatwall, reverse slatwall for custom accessory arms, tegometall uprights for glass shelves and bespoke display solutions.
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One of the most versatile ways of using 'C' Wall is to have them supplied with slatwall panels fitted. This opens up a way to a display wall to showcase a whole variety of products ideal for the retail sector and at exhibitions. To enquire about any of our systems please call us on 01487 825040
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