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Betfair Escape Room Challenge

Arsenal Football Club  –   Betfair Escape Room Challenge 

When Sam Middleton of Escape Game Events approached Temporary Wall he had an intriguing application for a temporary walling systeml.  He wanted two rooms urgently erecting at a Premiership Football Club’s training ground for a Betfair promotion.  It turned out to be a one day event at Arsenal’s training ground at London Colney with three first team squad members, Petr Cech, Per Mertesacker and Danny Welbeck and two Arsenal legends, Ray Parlour and Martin Keown competing against each other to see who could escape the room first.  Temporary Walls’ staff built the 2400mm tall, fire retardant, 7 metre x 5 metre structure, in a first floor room at the training centre in under two hours.  In the Betfair video clip the three premiership players can be seen crawling through an 800mm x 800mm aperture into a concealed room.  Escape Game Events intend using the room sets at future escape room events.

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