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Slatwall Display Walling

Example of Slatwall Display Wall Use

In February 2011 Kathleen McDonald, manager of Garden Pride in West Sussex, now part of the Notcutts group of garden centres approached us with a problem. The outdoor clothing chain Regatta had offered a range to the centre, but, with space limited to a greenhouse area, they had no available wall space to apply any hangers. International Displays had a ready made solution in C wall, a temporary wall system which locks together with a simple Allen key operation. Using 15 ivory slatwall clad C Wall panels, an area was created to include 13 metres of display wall and an integrated changing room. Kathleen was so impressed with the concept that she decided to add a further 9 metres of panelling smarten up her greetings card area. As C wall is completely freestanding and modular, unlike a traditional stud wall, the panelling is regularly moved around the centre to many different locations as the seasons change.

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  • Slatwall Display Wall.
  • Freestanding, modular and easy to relocate.
  • Integrated changing rooms.
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